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Cat Loss

Saying Goodbye to your cat is never easy, whether it's through illness, injury or euthanasia. They are truly members of our families  who have given us unconditional love and they will always hold very special places in our hearts. Through the years we bond with them, and they grow to trust and depend on us to care for them.

Gifting your "best friend" with a peaceful passing in-home euthanasia service provides many wonderful benefits:

  • Your cat's last memories will be in a familiar setting.
  • Your cat will not have to undergo stress or physical discomfort caused by the transportation or during the euthanasia appointment at a clinic.
  • After your cat is given a sedative, your best friend can "fall asleep" in your comforting presence without the stress of physical restraint.
  • These last moments are in a private setting without interruptions or strangers observing your grief.
  • Home euthanasia allows you to choose
when (day, evening,weekend)
where (your cat favorite place)
who attends (friends, family, other pets)


  • Afterward, you can spend time with your cat without distractions.

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