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Holidays bring extra issues for cat owners


By Dr. Debra Rowell
Cat Care Hospital, Marietta  GA


Cat Care Hospital, Marietta GA -  As gifts, travel companions or left-behind loved ones, cats need special attention by responsible owners during the holidays to ensure their long-term health and happiness.


Giving cats as gifts...

Holidays provide opportunities to give cats as presents, but this isn?t always a good idea. Cat ownership involves a tremendous amount of responsibility, and it may be unfair to make that decision for someone else. Unlike other gifts that may be returned, cats are rarely exchangeable. Consider the following questions before giving a cat as a gift: This should be a well thought out event. Having a kitten can result in eighteen years of care and responsibility. All cute kittens grow up to be cats. The decision to bring a cat or kitten into your home should be made by the family and never be an impromptu decision. Studies have showed that many times the desire to get a cat for Christmas was not well thought out and can result in the cat ending up in a shelter for unwanted cats where they may even lose their lives..


Questions to ask oneself:

  • Will the cat get adequate health care and preventive health maintenance?
  • Does the recipient have enough time to devote to the cat?
  • Will the cat be going to a safe environment?
  • Who will be responsible for spaying and neutering


Traveling with or boarding pets...

Updating vaccinations can prevent sickness whether your cat is traveling with you or being boarded. Many of the conditions cats are vaccinated for, such as rabies, and intestinal parasites , can also affect humans. Keeping pet vaccinations updated and cats dewormed provides a safeguard for the entire family.


Most veterinary clinics require vaccinations for boarding. These can be updated at our hospital upon arrival of the feline patient for boarding..


You must have interstate travel certificates if traveling with your cat across state lines in a car or plane. These federal documents are valid for 30 days and may be obtained from a federally accredited veterinarian.


Dr. Rowell is a fully accredited veterinarian who can provide your cat with a valid health certificate. 


International travel requires more prep work. You must coordinate with the country of your destination before travel documents may be issued. Remember to plan for this, as these papers require federal approval before departure. The USDA veterinarian can assist you with creating the appropriate paperwork.

Cat Identification...

Believe it or not, the holidays can cause our cats to become stressed. As you welcome friends and family to your home, a cats? home turf is being invaded by unfamiliar people, sights and sounds. When cats need a break from all of the activities, they sometimes stray from home.


Proper cat identification can provide a quick reunion if the unthinkable separation occurs. A simple tag on your cat that includes contact information for you or about us as your veterinarian is a good safeguard.


Microchipping is becoming increasingly popular. The microchip is a tiny implant placed under the skin of your cat to provide a permanent means of identification. When registration information is current, a found cat can be scanned and identified, and the owner can be notified. Contact us for more information on getting your cat a microchip.Many cat owners have been united with their lost cat.


Dr Rowell and her staff want to encourage you and your family to follow these basic safety precautions to help keep cats happy and healthy this holiday season.

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