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In-Home Cat Euthanasia


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How "In-Home Euthanasia Procedure" Works


  • The doctor and veterinary assistant will arrive at your home at an agreed-upon time.

  • A euthanasia consent form will be signed.

  • When you are ready, a small amount of a sedative will be administered to calm your cat in order to eliminate any pain.

  • Euthanasia will be performed.  This is an excellent time to say your last good-byes as your cat will gently fall to sleep over a period of about 10 minutes.

  • When you are ready, a small amount of hair will be shaved from the leg, and the euthanasia solution will be administered.  In a matter of minutes, Doctor will listen to the heart to ensure that your cat has gently passed on.

  • When you are prepared, the doctor and her assistant will place your cat in a special bed in order to care for the body, unless you wish to care for your cat afterward.  We can provide a private cremation for your loved one's ashes to be returned to you in an beautiful urn personalized with his or her name on it to be delivered to you about 2 weeks later. 

Request an Appointment in your Home


You can do one of the following:

  • During the business hours, call The Cat Doctor, Cat Clinic and Hospital at 770-424-MEOW (6309) and request an appointment in your home. 
  • Book Appointment On-Line.  Click here -> Book Appointment On-Line   
  • Contact us through email:
  • After business hours,  call at xxx-xxxx   An emergency fee may apply.         

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