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Pet euthanasia is a difficult issue for many people to handle.  For most of us, confronting this issue for our pets means confronting fear, guilt and grief.  Our pet's typical life span is but a fraction of our own, so it's an issue we must ultimately be prepared to face whenever we make the commitment to bring a pet into our homes and into our families.  Every pet owner faces that final day with a beloved pet in his or her own unique and personal way.  It is a deeply personal and very private matter and your pet's last hours really should not take place in a foreign, clinical environment like a veterinary hospital.  Their final moments should be spent in the peaceful and familiar surroundings of their home and in the company of their loving family.


When the time comes for this ultimate Saying Goodbye, Dr. Rowell will bring her experience and compassion to your home and help you say goodbye to your pet in a peaceful and loving manner.  After meeting with you and your family, Dr. Rowell will administer a series of two or three injections.  The first injection(s) consists of a mixture of a tranquilizer and a narcotic medication.  This will help your pet to become quiet, absolutely relaxed and free from pain -- usually within five to ten minutes.


When you and your pet are ready, Dr. Rowell will administer the final injection, which is a concentrated form of a barbiturate anesthetic solution.  The first effect of this injection is complete loss of consciousness, and in a few seconds, the remainder of the body's functions will slow down and stop.  It is very fast-acting and there is no suffering --  just a painless and peaceful passing. 


In-Home Pet Euthanasia Fees

Euthanasia Only: Depends on size of pet, distance traveled and time of day. Dr. Rowell will be happy to discuss these fees with you.






Payments Accepted

 Cash, Debit cards, VISA, MasterCard, American Express & Discover

Full payment is required at the time scheduling of service visit is finalized, unless prior arrangements have been made.

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